Quality and Durability

Made with unique materials the Cretan soil and water and baked in kiln, our products withstand all weather conditions

The traditional handmade pottery art in jars and pots continues vigorously in our laboratory without abandoning the traditional shapes and the traditional techniques

Handmade pots and jars and ceramic styles are a small sample of the products you can find in our laboratory
Packing and Shipping

The delivery of products to our customers safely and responsibly is a priority for us all these years


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Pottery Workshop

Pottery Shop welcomes you to its website which combines the Minoan tradition with the art and variety of handmade pottery with their natural durability to time and weather conditions (frost, snow…), creating masterpieces of Art Pottery in jars and flower pots.

The art of ceramics in Crete and its history are lost back in time, in Minoan Era. The first reports which assure the existence of cretan ceramics, appear at the end of the 16th century, which official documents of the archives of Venetian domination, report Thrapsano as potters’ village, pointing out their long-lasting tradition to the Art of Pottery.

In Crete, the Minoan traditional handmade pottery, in jars and flowerpots, is still continued in our workshop «Pottery Shop». We have abandoned neither the traditional patterns nor the traditional techniques. The same movements of the hands, the same tools and the same relationship between the chief potters and their apprentices.

Today we manufacture the well-known to everybody cretan ceramics. We not only offer, a wide range of handmade jars and flowerpots but also a huge variety in techniques.

Our products are 100% ecological. They are baked in a traditional woodfire kiln while cretan earth and water are the only materials we use. They are also environmentally friendly and have high frost and moisture resistance.

«Pottery Shop» takes the lead in offering high services. It stands out in the domain of cretan traditional handmade ceramics, continuously upgrading the quality of its products. Taking part in international trade fairs establishes itself year by year as a reliable and developing company in the professional area, so as it becomes more and more efficient at each customer’s demands and towards its responsibilities.

At the same time, it is vitally important for «Pottery Shop» to ensure an impeccable co-operation, that is why it lays great stress on the packing and packaging its products as on their shipment. This is the way our products are delivered to each customer – company with punctuality and safety.

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